Hello everyone, no one.  I am sitting at my desk at the U.S. Geological Survey in Lakewood, CO feeling a bit queasy.  I have the perturbing, mysterious ailment of feeling ill after consuming nearly anything at all, most recently a blended bubble tea in flavor “matcha” (a green tea blend).  Aside from feeling nauseas, I am also excited at the prospect of a new blog, hopefully one I will maintain with more diligence than I have other blogs, which have seemingly fallen by the wayside. 

I am in Denver, a new city for me, and what better a time to begin a new writing adventure than after moving to a new city?  So many opportunities to explore and take pictures, tell stories and…while away the hours at a all too often monotonous desk job? 

And so, I shall begin.

It would be nice, I think, to devote a theme to this blog to avoid what has historically been a problem for me with blogs…tendency to become too mundane…

I am training for a 10k race, my second ever, but what makes this one more challening is training at high altitude.  I find it’s much harder.  So.  There’s an idea.  I can discuss how the training is going, tips, problems, epiphanies…

I also have a puppy I am raising, and he has quickly become the apple of my eye.  I call him hijo, although Leo is his name, Leonardo, and he is a good boy.

I also want to discover as much of Denver, indeed Colorado, as I can, and I’d like to talk about it.  I like to talk about everything.  Love and fighting.  Food and drinking too much.  Cavities and exercise.  Theme parties and music festivals.  You’ll find it all here.

Bear with me while I get the hang of this.  I suddenly feel antiquated, old, like technology is already baffling me, passing me by at 25 years old.  I only just recently got a smart phone, and I enjoy it, but it frustrates me.  More on that later…perhaps.  Actually though, I’m loving wordpress, it appears pretty simple…excited!  Stay tuned for more from Abby The Real Thing.  A note on that name…Abby True…an eccentric man who lives in California refers to me as “Abby The Real Thing” and I thought it quite clever, and so there you have it.