I found a web site full of writing prompts.  I’m going to give a few of them a try…for fun!

#1:  Think of 40 Things That Happened to You This Month and Write Them Down–Happy, Embarrassing, Infuriating, Whatever.  Then, Pick One and Elabroate On It:

I am going to choose November to do this because I’ve only had three days of December.

1.  I baked an apple pie from scratch.

2.  I drove 15 hours in a car to Wisconsin and 15 hours back.

3.  I got a white kitten, and I named him Gannon.

4.  I bought a bag of gourmet dog treats for my dog, Leo.

5.  I went to a sex shop in Iowa.

6.  I bought purple tights.

7.  I watched the Badgers beat the Northwestern Wildcats at Camp Randall.

8.  I bought my boyfriend a pair of yellow corduroy pants.

9.  I won an auction for a red violin on Ebay.

10.  I procured a keyboard from a co-worker.

11.  I ate a del rae pizza at Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria.

12.  I played Old Maid with my grandparents.

13.  I went bowling and scored over 100 for once!

14.  I partied with an old friend.

15.  I drank an entire bottle of Tempranillo by myself.

16.  I ordered my first (and last) vanilla latte.

17.  I taught my dog the command, “speak!”

18.  I dyed my hair black.

19.  I went to a job interview in Cherry Creek.

20.  I drank a Swanky, Spank Me at Swanky’s in LoDo…and mistakenly referred to it as a Spanky, Slap Me.

21.  I bought scratch-off tickets in four states.

22.  I made my bed with new, green flannel sheets and a matching duvet.

23.  I babysat for a little girl named Ingrid who looks like Tinkerbell.

24.  I watched the documentary called Endurance about an expedition to Antarctica.

25.  I celebrated my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend, Robbie.

26.  I ate octopus ceviche at Rioja on Larimer Square.

27.  I got my hair cut, and now I look like a cross between Joan Jett and Audrey Tatou in Amelie.

28.  I told my brother’s boyfriend, Peter, that he looked like Charles Bronson.

29.  I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

30.  I bought my cousin, Nicholas, a drink at the Alchemy.

31.  I researched a vacation to Puerto Rico, Curacao, or St. Lucia.

32.  I played Scattergories with the Lane family.

33.  I listened to the Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch, Tom Waits, and Annie Lennox on my iPod.

\”I\’m Not Afraid to Die\” by Gillian Welch

34.  I researched a holistic approach to treating anxiety.

35.  I thought maybe I was pregnant–I wasn’t.

36.  I trimmed my cats’ claws.

37.  I ate lunch at Jose O’Shea’s with Mick, Eirik, and Richard from the National Ice Core Lab.

38.  I bought an atrocious new mascara by Maybelline, that I will NEVER buy again if even use again.

39.  I made tahini-encrusted tilapia with quinoa, broccoli, and white wine for dinner.

40.  I wrote a seven measure song on the piano in 3/4 time using both clefts.

I will elaborate on #31.  I mean to take a vacation to the Carribean in January or February.  I will be gone for about 10 days, and I want to lie on a white sand beach, wade in the Carribean Sea, drink lots of tropical alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas and fresh fruit.  I want to wear sexy sandals and a great dress and dance all night in a club in San Juan (salsa!), swim in the Bioluminescent Bay, try my best at speaking broken Spanish, and maybe go snorkeling, deep sea fishing on a charter boat, or parasailing in the sea.  I want to forget about clocks and everything I carry, and drift away.  I have been waiting for this vacation for a long time.

By the way…I REALLY REALLY want to go back to Las Vegas.  Also…what am I doing for New Year’s Eve?  It’s gotta be huge…greeting a new decade.  2011 is a big year for me.  Big year.  I can feel it.