So, it turns out straight up blogging is not my forte like it may have been many years ago, when I was more inclined to share my thoughts with anyone and everyone.  More into the refuge of pen to paper these days, journaling, the safety of a little book for thoughts melancholic and fierce, though not vengeful. I’m going to try, instead, to document a year in photos, supplemented by commentary. Seems a bit lofty a goal, when I am feeling much more comfortable with the path of least resistance these days.  But, then again…to give in to hermitage is to let the terrorists win, especially now, especially now when I am needing to bury the recent past and pave the grave with cement, and focus on future endeavors.

The idea is to have a year worth remembering.  Remembering in pictures.  Doesn’t have to be particularly interesting to anyone, but to take stock of what I’ve done with my time, and to recall every day, if only a small part of it…and I am going to add to the project by making it a combination photo project and opportunity to find something to be grateful for in every day, which is not difficult!  A little hokey perhaps, but there are worse things to be.  I think it’s going to be a good 365 days, so many changes to come, adventures,  new faces and places and, ideally, feeling like a million bucks again.

Day 1, 2/16/11

Dinner.  Reminds of the scene in the Burbs when they’re at the Klopeck’s and Hans brings out pretzels and sardines for a snack, and everyone is grossed out, but as a kid all I remember thinking was…what a great idea!  Also reminds me of how I intend to work on my culinary charm.  I want to have a potluck dinner party and everybody has to make a new specialty, make a brand new dish they never tried to make before and bring it to share.  Could be ew, could be fantastic!  I think fantastic.

The Burbs…what a funny movie, one of my old faves.

The Burbs trailer…

I’m grateful for movies like the Burbs that never get old, and are timelessly funny.  In 1st grade Tom Hanks was my dream man.  Not so far off.

In other news, I’m playing dodge ball tomorrow with my friend Scott’s league, should be decent.  All I picture is a pirate, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Stiller.  “Do you get drunk beforehand?” I asked.  “No,” he said, “That would be a disaster.  We get drunk after.”  I suppose that makes sense.