This is the first blog post I have ever written from the toilet.  Multitasking is where it’s at.

So, I got home from work tonight, and I texted Scott and I was like, “I can’t do it.  I have cold feet.  Fucking  dodge ball? I hated gym with a burning passion, why would I want to willingly dive into that again? Can I just meet up with you after for beer?” I’m paraphrasing, mind you.  “No no no no no nooo, come,” he said.  “Okay, fine.”  So, we go to dodge ball and it turns out to be totally competetive and they have special shirts made and everything.  I morphed back into an awkward 14 yr old girl in gym class.  I daintely danced around the gym, picking up the random ball and noodle-armedly threw it across the field.  At one point it was only me left facing the rest of the opposing team, and I was terrified!

Well.  Anyway.  Our team won.  I can’t take much, if any credit, but still it was kind of cool.

We went to Roo Bar afterwards, got a few pitchers, an order of chips and guacamole…

Day 2, 2/17/11

Roo Bar is the alternative Packer bar in downtown Denver, and let me tell you it’s no Swanky’s.  They have a matching Sailfish (or maybe it’s a Marlin) mounted on the wall, but the similarities stop there.  The service leaves something to be desired, except from the dude with the goatee who gave me a free drink chip, that was nice…there was a disconcerting lack of Wisconsin paraphernalia hanging about, and the clientele wasn’t that cool on this particular night.  Swanky’s holds a special place in my heart though…after seeing the Badgers win so many football games there, and watching the Super Bowl there…and drinking my fair share of Swanky, Spank Mes and Big Lebowskis…and eating onion rings…and loaded nachos…and fried cheese curds…and grilled cheese sammies…and the fact that their DJ booth is on the ceiling,  Swanky’s reigns superior, but Roo Bar makes a good guacamole, I’ll give them that.

So, maybe I’ll play dodge ball next week…

Tomorrow’s Friday, which can only mean good things.  I’ve got a few things on the brain I’d like to see come to fruition.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and before I forget…I’m grateful for Colorado microbrews on Thursday nights with new friends and coworkers…and free drink chips…good guacamole…and the courage to try new things, even if they’re fucking scary.  Do something you’re afraid to do every day.  One thing, every day.

With a belly full of beer…