Tonight was fun.  Today was fun.  I walked all over the world, all over Denver world, and my feet and knees were screaming at the end of the day, but it was worth it.  I got sushi at Taki sushi with Josh and Marta tonight, and it was a very nice time.  They bring me down to earth, help me to see clarity.  I am starting to see how spending so much time alone so much of my life has possibly made me less perceptive to people and certainly more naive about some things.   The atmosphere with Marta and Josh is always  mellow and content.  We had to wait twenty minutes before we could sit down, and the Japanese people who worked at the restaurant kept apologizing so genuinely for our wait, and then gave us each a free large saki of our choosing.  Such an awesome sushi place.  The only place I’ve tried in Denver…I have no reason to branch out, no desire. 

Day 4 – 2/19/11

French Onion Soup!  At the Cheeky Monk on Colfax Avenue.  I love this soup, the melted cheese, the bread…I remember my mom making this for my dad when I was very young.  This was my lunch along with a beer. I love the Cheeky Monk.  I want to attempt to make my own French onion soup.  I bet it’s simple to make and tastes fantastic.  I still need to make my Matzo Ball soup.

I saw this little friend on my way home from the gas station.  He was brave.

I saw this woman and her dog just sitting on the banks of Cherry Creek today.  Her dog was laying on a mound and looked so regal, he reminded me of a lion.  They seemed like such a good team. 

Late afternoon heading to 16th Street Mall.  I was in constant motion today, walking all over Cherry Creek, Park Hill, and downtown.

Dinner at Taki Sushi was worth the wait.  Mmmm. 

I also recommended a new idea to Josh, meetings weekly where he and I get together for an hour and keep each other abreast of politics and the news and stay current.  I thought we could drink tea and we would call the meetings “Political Tea”. 

My legs need to rest, they’re tired.  I’m grateful for wasabi for the way it smokes you until you’re crying for five seconds and then disappears without a trace after.