Day 7 – 2.22.11

My Emma and my Gannon. “Emma, play with me.”  “Dude, why are you wearing that last season Elizabethan collar?”

This is a house on Montview Boulevard, and I think it’s beautiful.  It is the kind of house I would like to live in someday.  If I don’t, that’d be okay, but I do think it’s pretty.

Hey, look, it’s Sting’s daughter…

I Blame Coco – “Self-Machine”

The Thin Man bar on 17th and Race. They decorate the inside with crucifixes of every shape and size and pictures of Jesus all over the place.  When it gets dark the inside is lit with red lights hanging from string that lace across the ceiling of the bar.

Look at all the different infusions of vodka.  Jalapeno and tomato…orange…cinnamon…the list goes on.

I ate a lot of cookies and cookie dough today.  I did a lot of reading, and I’m glad of that.  New books, new commitment to distraction.  I met some new people at The Thin Man.  I hung out with a Sagittarius who was wise beyond his years, an old soul.  I have met many Sagittariuses since I moved to Denver, and it makes me wonder if there is not a specific reason for it.  I had not known many before, and now…they’re everywhere.

I applied to two jobs in Glenwood today.  I would love to move to the mountains.  I am working on it.

Sister Hazel – “Best I’ll Ever Be”