Day 11 – 2.26.11

I had many adventures today.  I went to a vintage shop in Capitol Hill, and remember how much I like Capitol Hill.  It is full of life!  I got the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had at this wonderful bakery which may have been called City-to-City.

I want one of those cupcakes…

I discovered a new tea room at the Holiday Chalet Bed & Breakfast on Colfax.  It is the most darling place bursting with character.  Tea time is by appointment, and they have cream tea there and it sounds perfect the way they do it.  I am going to there as soon as I have the time and a little extra money, and I’ll have cream tea.  The bed and breakfast is like a picture of Heaven, and the rooms are like something from a storybook.  The rates are quite reasonable, and they give you champagne, and cream tea, and a 5 course meal for you and your sweetie, if you choose.  It makes me feel a little lonely, and more than a little sad thinking about how I would have loved to take someone there.

I went to Fat Sully’s tonight and ate pizza, drank beer, taught a friend to play Yahztee, and he got his first Yahtzee, and it was great!  Then we saw Boombox at the Bluebird, and it was actually so awesome.  Mixed nuts, for sure.  Allll kinds of people showed up.  Dusty got the last ticket, the very last one.  We were the last two people to buy them before they sold out.  I thought that was cool.

Being at the show, I missed Robbie.  I felt the old familiar sting.  I try to swallow my feelings, and just not think about Robbie or how sad the whole thing is.  The whole thing is sad, to me it is.  I miss what felt true, what felt like love.  Looking back now, I know I must have been wearing rose-colored glasses.