Day 13 – 2.28.11

I went to yoga with Marta today at Corepower Yoga, and it was great! I loved it, and I can see how people would become so attached to it, and indeed incorporate it very closely into their lifestyle. It’s become clear to me that I am going through a rough patch in life, from many angles at once, but I am more equipped to deal with than ever for, from an emotional standpoint. I certainly have lessons to learn, but I feel like a piece of clay, actually changing, morphing, my mind, my feelings, my heart, that might sounds corny, but it is true…and it is actually so…empowering, I guess, illuminating, clarifying. I feel myself become gentler, quieter in a thoughtful regard, and more prone to listen and be very careful to use negative emotions or to react irrationally.

I also went for a run today around the park and the sunset was, again, like neon sherbet in the sky. My pictures couldn’t capture it, but it was brilliant.

And to my mom, I love you. I think you are a good woman, a wonderful woman. I am sorry we do not see eye to eye nor even do we often get along, in fact we rarely do, and I am sorry for that. It eats at me all the time.

To Molly Mary, to that lovely, darling girl I know back home. Please be alright, little firefly. There are a few things in life that I bet would make you right as rain, and nixing all the bad stuff, of course, honey pie. Pot, chocolate, yoga, and sex. I can picture you being all right. I thought of it all day and night today, and I want you to be alright, I need you to. I will keep sending my thoughts and love out to you.