Potluck tonight, and it was delicious. Marta made a salmon alfredo that was very rich. And there were jalapeno poppers, spinach dip, a many-layered ice cream dessert, that I was pretty impressed with. Apples to apples was maybe the best time I’ve had playing that game ever. So funny.

I’ve had scenes from the Nightmare Before Christmas in my head for the last few hours. Good movie. I want to go to Halloween town and Christmas town and even Thanksgiving town. I want to go to that tree circle in the forest.

Weekend. Bring it on. Free first Saturdays at the art museum. I haven’t gone yet, I think I’d like to.

I’d also kind of like to buy a neon wig, a nice one in a long hair style, just to wear around the house. It just seem like a good way to cheer up.

Remember this closet great song?

Madonna looks awesome in the official video. I want to be flexible like Madonna and wear little dancer outfits around the house with heels and leg warmers. MmmmMMMM!