Day 15? or is it 16….Abby, get it right! 3.3.11

In a discussion about why it’s a bad idea to date your friends, my brother Ross said to me, “Don’t poop in your garage.” He basically meant don’t date friends because if it goes bad, you can’t hang out on your turf anymore with your own people…so, if you think of it that way it makes sense. I thought it was hysterical!

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even have time to post, so I have to quickly make up for lost time now before the potluck! Last night I went to Drag Queen Bingo at JR’s on 17th in Uptown Denver with Ross, Keith, our good friend from college, and Peter I’ve been before, and the first time I met Mondo, the finalist on Project Runway one season. It was cool! I bought him chocolate cake shots all night. Well, last night I met Adam Lambert from American Idol. Ha! It was crazy. I went up to him and talked to him for a good bit. My gosh, I was quite drunk of of chocolate cake shots by that point. JR’s, always a little too much fun at Jr’s…

My hair reminds me of Darth Vader’s helmet.

And of course it wouldn’t be Drag Queen Bingo without…drag queens!

And then, quite by surprise…a visitor all the way from Fort Collins arrived shortly after midnight…and I was so glad to see him. We have a chemistry that cannot be denied. It was my Bert, and he came home, if only for a short while. Ohh, sex is awesome.

My co-worker gave me all the P90X CDs. Apparently, it’s all the rage, and in 90 days your body will transformed and the fittest it’s ever been. It’s so intense though, and historically that is not my strong suit…sticking to things that seem over-zealous. I am really loving yoga too, now, and want to much more of it and explore that in addition to the running that I do. It is more low key, less structured, and laid back, which I like, it feels less like a chore than an organic part of my day.

I am happy! I’m going to a potluck any second and we’ll eat yummy food and play games. Fun stuff. Tomorrow is Friday, no plans, except yoga…I will have to rememdy that. And then a 3 day weekend, hooray!!