Day 20-something.

Poor Steve on Sex and the City. He’s so cute and sweet and funny and Miranda is so mean to him. She’s just jaded though, I get it. Oh wait…wait…now, she’s running in the rain to stop him, and they’re kissing, ohhhh! So passionate.

I’m drinking cinnamon tea that was given to me at the tea room for free, and it’s really yummy, and it’s so strong and fragrant it makes me sneeze.

I ate quinoa with sracha and cabbage salad for dinner. Dessert…peanut butter off a fork out of the jar. All in all not bad at all.

I hate to say it, but I didn’t get one good photo opp today. I have one pulled from the archives I was looking through today on my photobucket account.

I don’t think we ever love in vain. If you have loved, then you have lived.