Berry season is coming. 🙂 I love berries. They are little orbs filled with life and health.

Homemade Chinese wontons at Ross and Peter’s (and my house now!)

With sticky rice!

Lightfield in his sweet, little coat that Jen made for him. He reminds me of a little, tiny Russian boyer in this coat.

Flag photo shoot at Ross’. A re-enactment of the famed flag photo from my senior pictures minus the beach scene and wind blown look.

I made “the best oatmeal raisin cookies in the world” for Brian. I found the recipe on google. Walnuts were in it.

A cute little cafe that sells gelato, tea, coffee, and pastries on 17th. It is inside a little house, and glowed yellow and blue as I walked home on Friday night.

Boxing match for Red Hot Rob Frankel! I had a lot of fun at Red and Jerry’s with Brian and the people he works with. Brian was taking photos as a member of the press.

Brian came over the other night and he brought me a present…Candyland!! I couldn’t believe it!


I am feeling really good about moving into Ross and Peter’s. My little den in the basement is going to be very cozy and I will fill it with candles and white Christmas lights. I want to get soft, red sheets and a big Indian-themed comforter and have it be totally soothing. I want to decorate the walls and burn incense, and the back room will be the zen room for watching movies or smoking or drinking tea or talking or making love. It too will be lit with little twinkling lights on strings. Spring is here. My birthday is soon. I have a new man in my life who is very special. I am going to SF in May with Ross, and things are generally going pretty well in life. I want to get some new projects underway though, and Ross and Peter will be excellent inspiration and motivation to do that. They are good role models. Camping and hiking season is coming soon, can’t wait!!!