I downloaded a camera app for my phone and it’s a lot of fun. I took some pictures of Ross and Peter.

I walked home today and stopped for dinner at a Thai restaurant on 17th. I ended up being the last patron there, and had the meal to myself for almost the entire thing. I was so hungry and got pad thai with pork and homemade coconut ice cream with hot plantains wrapped in what was like egg or spring roll flaky dough, and it was all wonderful.

I love to walk home on nights when the weather feels crisp and I like to walk through different neighborhoods and see the houses, see inside at their lives, the colors they paint their walls, the little items they’ve acquired in their homes and how they arrange them, so much beauty and comfort in a home, I want a home. I want a house that is my own. I want that now, and I want to fill it with things that are good and solid and durable and represent skill and thoughtfulness. I want a foundation to build on. I want to fix up an old, open, airy home and make it beautiful. I want to do that with someone I love, what a fantastic project. And I want to go camping, spend lots of time outdoors and exploring and cooking at home. Learning to cook lots of things and eating in my house with my shoes off, relaxed, and take it all in.

In two months time I will be in…

Aw, I love this silly song…it always make me feel so nostalgic, even though I’ve never been to San Francisco and I wasn’t alive when it was out…but it makes me think of the 60s and how fascinating it must have been to be there, and it makes me think of my aunt Terrie with long blonde hair.