Lots of distractions, I’ve been so negligent. I’m sorry. I will do my best to not be that way in the future, though I make no promises.

The best milkshake from H Burger in downtown Denver. The burgers are great, but the real magic comes in the liquid nitrogen milkshakes that are so cold they are steaming when brought to your table. This is mine, the nutella with toasted marshmellows on top:

Later that night (Saturday before Easter Sunday) we went to the 4 year anniversary of Denver Dubstep party at one of our favorite spots, the Cervantes Ballroom & its counterpart, The Other Side:

There was a lady with a booth doing feather extensions, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. They’re clipped in with a metal bead and stay for several weeks without removing. You can wash, dry, curl, straighten them – anything you’d do with real hair. I get asked about that constantly. People seem very interested. I see girls wearing them every now and again.

An afternoon with my Leo and Robbie:

Been spending a bit of time at the Mercury Cafe, just a few blocks from where I live now in Curtis Park. I like the atmosphere and the eccentric waitstaff.

Red Rocks Amphitheater on a Saturday morning. People come out of the woodwork to do all kinds of crazy workouts. Marta and I ran the stairs, did a couple sun salutations towards the front range and ran the stairs down, back and forth. That reminds me I need to look into when Film on the Rocks starts. I just went to the web site and it didn’t list a schedule but offered a chance to submit what movies you’d like to see play this season. I entered 1. True Romance and 2. Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

I went back to Wisconsin last week to see my family and friends. It was so good to be home. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I always feel like a big fish in a small pond when I go home, like life is so much easier, so much more manageable, and I feel really happy. Ha, who knows, maybe I’ll surprise everyone and end up back home after all. We went to AJ’s last 6th grade band concert on Tuesday night. He plays the trumpet.

Marta and I recently discovered the Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery in Denver, nestled quietly in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Inside is a carpeted gallery filled with sculptures made of fiber glass and filled with neon light, they are otherworldly and beyond compare. The artist is an 88-year-old woman named Dorothy Tanner. They held an event there a couple weeks back called Tao of Bass, and the evening started out with yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. They also do some sort of healing rituals involving the lights that I do not fully understand, but after that, and evening during that, they have DJs who play dubstep and all kinds of fun electronic music and the lights go wild and everyone of every shape and size and age and point on their journey dances like no one was watching. I did. Here are Marta and I on that night:

The Lady, Marta

The Lady, Abigail

And things continue day by day, living with Ross, Peter, and the animals, to include Lightfield (LF). May will be over shortly, and then I may only have to be here for another month. I should, hopefully, know by July where and what I plan to do this fall. If that means Alaska or if that means staying in Denver and going to school, I should know. If it means staying in Denver, I think I will get my own place as soon as I can.

Speaking of animals…I was buying some toys and treats for Leo yesterday and I came across a rather disgusting little treat…a pig SNOUT! It seemed vile to me somehow. Imagine being in Pig world where pigs walked around in suits and their pig wives went shopping in their dresses and had their little piglet children squeeling in the shopping cart, “WEEEE WEEEE WEEEE MAMA OINK!” And Mama Pig would buy a human nose or a dog nose dried out and wrapped in cellophane for a really special treat. EW!

Picture of a woman who isn’t quite sure of herself and it drives her crazy.

This song is from Country Strong, not a very good movie, but I love this song, and I love the actor’s voice, Garret Hedlund. It’s so sexy, and makes me wish I had a country man to make me melt.