The weekend has been wonderful. Though I still have not found an apartment, I look every day, and with luck I will soon be in a place of my own, and can focus next on getting my own car. Hooray!

Let’s see…last week Marta and I went to Beauty Bar on 12th. It is very retro and colorful inside. We did some dancing and said a toast to our mutual friend, Josh, who is very dear to our hearts.

I wore my extensions that night too. Real human hair! I can’t wait for my own hair to be this long.

After work on Friday, the first sunny day in a long time, I walked home through City Park and sat in the grass. The sun was warm and my feet in the cool grass felt wonderful. I am so happy summer is coming.

Saturday morning had coffee and cake at City O’ City Bakery in Capitol Hill. I love it. I’m reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. It’s one of those books that I like immediately and look forward to reading.

The bathroom of City O’ City…can you find the lady…

For some reason, I enjoy this…

The steeples of the big, Gothic church on Colfax…

A pretty painting on the side of an uptown dispensary…

My big boy…(aka Apple of Mine Eye!)

On Saturday, Robbie took me to dinner at TAG, a restaurant in downtown Denver on Larimer Square. It was absolutely delicious! We got a bottle of red wine, Penelope Sanchez, and it was just the right amount of tart, a very good choice. We got pot stickers, an Angry Volcano Roll, Hangar Steak, and Boar Chops. It was all dreamy and wonderful. I will definitely go back! Thanks, Robbie honey. 🙂

Then, we went to the Avenue Theater uptown and saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a musical about an East German boy who get a sex change operation and moves to America with a GI and he leaver her, and then Hedwig becomes a singing sensation, and all the songs are so good. Hedwig meets Tommy, and teaches him everything he knows about music and they fall in love, and Tommy Gnosis betrays Hedwig. There are so many themes and undercurrents in the story. I love it. We had a great time.

And today I baked a peach pie, my first ever.



And…The Borgias tonight! Woot!