Denver is beautiful.

Lightfield is a good boy. He requires patience and a lot of love. Sometimes I forget that.

Friday night on SoBo.

And a little friend sleeping on a couch in a closed store front.

And the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on 16th Street Mall. Tom bought me a lot of chocolate, and I felt so tired afterward. Come on, body, what’s up? I thought these little Bubblegum Buddies were cute.

My friend, Tom. Tom was born in Louisiana, but grew up in Saudi Arabia, ages 8-18. He is totally American, but it is marked that his formative years were spent in a foreign country, you can tell only by his complete lack of knowledge of most pop cultural references I make, references that anyone his age would understand.

My co-worker, Maryann, made these little dresses for her granddaughter’s out of fairy-print pillowcases and ribbon. She even made a tiny one for their dolls. I thought it was very clever.

Summer dress season. I bought this one at Ross, such a bargain.

Must wake up. Feel so very tired. Would love to see Hesher tonight.