My eyes hurt, Blog. I think it’s because I’ve been staring at a computer too long. Feeling quite like crawling into a hole in the earth at the moment, a hole that might mercifully take me to Wonderland. What would Wonderland be like if I got there? I think it would be beautiful countryside with enormous flowers in many different colors. Falcor, the luck dragon would greet me and we would fly around to different parts of Wonderland, and there would be no illnesses or aging or acronyms or org charts. There would be no accrued leave and if you asked someone to “CC” you on an e-mail, they wouldn’t have any notion what you were talking about.

My physician would be David the Knome. There would be a ring of trees in part of Wonderland that would go to each of the Holiday Lands like in Nightmare Before Christmas. On Wonderland, there is also the option of joining Star Fleet and training to be on something like Voyager. There would certainly be a Hollideck. The force would be real. It would be like The Neverending Story in that I could create things at a whim if necessary, but it would not do to abuse that power.

Soon I’m going to get out of here. I’m going bake chocolate chip cookes tomorrow. Tonight, run like hell and study.

I really want to see 30 Minutes or Less. It comes out this Friday. I’m going.

My boss talked to me today about a promotion, $4,000 a year more than I’m making now. Why do they ensnare me with practical things? I would be really glad if it only promised more things to do, meaninful things to do. Maybe it does, but I feel like I’m foundering, and a lack of connection with my coworkers. It perplexes.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. The exchange rates:

1.24 Singapore Dollar to 1 USD. Every time I think of Singapore I think of stringent laws of cleanliness. No spitting out your gum, no littering, no throwing cigarette butts. Very bad. I also think of Brave New World by Alduous Huxley for some reason, but I haven’t read it nor have I been to Singapore. But, I think it is because I the idea of rigid laws and a strictly controlled society reminds me of 1984, but Singapore seems to nice to be like the Oceania of 1984. So, probably more like the Utopia of Brave New World? I ought to be fined for the rambling I do.

3.00 Malaysian Ringgits to 1 USD. I think it would be something sensational to ring in the new year in Malaysia. The towers in Kuala Lumpur. Borneo, Island in the Clouds. I have a picture of a volcano in Borneo surrounded by clouds as my desktop background. Borneo is on the island of East Malaysia though, I think, and really a separate trip.

Nearly 30 Thai Baht to 1 USD. I’ve been told the bugs are heinous, but that’s the only bad thing I’ve heard spoken about Thailand. Writing this makes me crave the peanut sauce at Bahn Thai in Madison on Willy St. Oh, Willy St. With the likes of the Wisco, Cha Cha Salon, the Weary, Jolly Bob’s, the Co-op and the Crystal Corner, how can I not love and lament you? From Thailand to Willy St.

20,964 Vietnamese Dong to 1 USD. $50 USD per day and you can have the time of your life. Authentic food in foods carts costs about $1, buses and airfare is cheap. The black market is big in Vietnam, and law enforcement is pretty nil where it’s concerned. Big city, white sand beaches, mountains, culture. Country of determined optimists.

4,184 Cambodian Riel to 1 USD. It is said that one can live it up on $20/day in Cambodia. Budget lodging can be found for as low as $2-5 USD/night. 1000 riel, or about .25 cents you can have a wonderful, authentic meal in Cambodia that will apparently compete with the best of Thai or Vietnamese food. Another fun fact: you can rent a motorcycle in Angkor for $6 a day. Biking around Cambodia would pretty cool.

8,184 Lao Kip to 1 USD. Three currencies are used in Laos. Thai Baht, USD, and the kip. It is perfectly acceptable to negotiate costs when buying something. The kip comes in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10, 000, 20, 000 and recently 50,000. Most flights on Lao Airlines are between $40-100 USD and bus trips are between $1-2 USD. You can get by in Laos on about $15/day.