I am getting so excited for fall. I think of falls past and they always seem comforting and beautiful and I only feel happiness in retrospect, despite anything that may have been happening at the time. I am very fortunate to have a car this year, and I am eager to take trips around the state to festivals and am very excited for the ski season! A few festivals I’ve heard of:

Oktoberfest of course at the end of September – Denver and Breckenridge and probably other places. Beer and food and wonderful things. Apparently there is a dachsund derby in downtown Denver (alliteration!). That oughta be a hoot.

Mountain Harvest Festival on the western slope in the town of Paonia, celebration of harvest (I love the idea of celebrating a harvest), live concerts, farmker’s market, beer and wine tasting, chili cook-off, arts, etc. Sounds beautiful and fun.

Chile and Frijoles festival in Pueblo. It says to come and taste the pride of Pueblo, a special intesely flavorful variety of green chile. Sounds insane. It is served on a stic, chopped and stuffed into a quesadilla and topped with salsa. All kinds of cultural things abound as well. Eee!

Would also love to take a New Mexico road trip, Taos and/or Santa Fe.

Applefest on October 1-2, moot point, sadly, as I will be in Wisconsin for the wedding of one, Ethan Kargus, and his bride-to-be, Bridget Thorpe-Kavanaugh.

I bet there are lots of apple festivals though. I want to do the whole thing. Jeans and a hoody, jump in the car one brisk October morning, go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins, drink apple cider, eat a carmel apple, bake an apple pie, go through a corn maze, maybe a haunted house or two (Denver is supposed to have some great ones!)

Pumpkin beer in fall is just beyond. I love it. I love life. I love memories of good times. I love thinking of fall in Asheville. Fall in Madison. Fall in Oshkosh. The smell, harvest moon, the way love feels in the fall, somehow sweeter, deeper.

Football and long walks at night, stars that shine brighter, the looming threat of snowstorms that could start at any time. Coats and tights, boots, skirts and mini-dresses, hats, mitties, hair that blows in the wind, and wind is always present on the best of fall days.

I wonder if I can find some kind of harvest festival that celebrates the equinox. I would like to partake in something like that, a wonderful pagan gathering.

Tonight, Glitter Party, which I keep referring to as a quote. For instance instead of asking Ross what time the party was, I texted him, “I’m starting to doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.” He said, “Are you coming? It starts at 7.” Ha! Very excited about running. It’s getting easier and easier and feels better and better, especially as the days get cooler. I am thinking of a change of venue to Wash Park, check that out. Maybe yoga, thrifting, study for GRE, cookie baking, movie-going, book reading, a good weekend.

Also, a date!

Two songs that resonate lately:

“One Chance” – Modest Mouse

“A Lack of Color” – Death Cab for Cutie