At Streets of London drinking an Agave Wheat and eating an enormous slice of pepperoni pizza. I can’t seem to quit these things, but why would I want to?

Drove to Alma yesterday morning with Ashley. We had a good day, had a couple of beers at the only bar in town, met a nice person, Jeremy McCullough and his dog, Charlie, a little French Bulldog with a lot of spunk. Jeremy lives in a teepee in the woods, an amazing teepee. We hiked to a turquoise pond, and I took up my usual habit of looking for the elusive heart-shaped rock, and was surprised to find they were everywhere, everywhere I looked I seemed to find them. Even the fire pit had ashes and burnt out embers in the shape of a heart. I took it as a good omen.

A strange shrine of some kind in the woods…

Jeremy’s teepee was incredible. He has solar panels and everything.

Cool frog table…

Little Charlie. I wish my boy had been there.

Alma before the rain…


Jeremy brought out a big duffel bag and dumped the contents onto the floor of the tent. Out poured these…I said to him, “That’s the last thing I expected to come out of that bag.” Amazing. He crafts leather.