I was just lying in bed thinking about Nancy Garcia, Peter’s mother. She has a job cleaning hearing aids. Every time I think of it, I feel like my heart breaks a little in some strange way. It seems like a dirty, sticky job, but somehow one that makes you love her for doing it. There are those people in the world who do those jobs like cleaning hearing aids.

My feet hurt. Running is wonderful, but not, I fear, the most natural or best thing for my body.

Tomorrow I’m going to Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant where the head chef is a woman from Ethiopia, and it’s the first time I have finally been able to find someone who wanted to go with me because they love Ethiopian food too. I’m going with Po, who I don’t know very well yet, but who I think seems like a great person, and I’m looking forward to it very much. That pre-date feeling where you’re like…oh man, here goes nothin’. You try not to go in expecting much and just enjoy the person for who they are and don’t project any of your own bullshit onto them, just live in the moment and love life…spend some time with another cool human and eat some delicious food while you’re at it.

Probably a few times a week I wish I had NZT (see movie, Limitless), particularly when I’m at work in a meeting I am completely baffled by. If I had some NZT that scenario would go a lot differently. I’d be like, “Actually, might I suggest…” then I’d start speaking in Korean.

Going to Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia with Josh next month, possibly others. Colorado wine country on the western slope. Peaches and wine and mountains and fall. Josh knows the spots to see some beautiful fall colors, mountains full of woods where the Aspens make it look like you’ve stumbled upon Lothlorien.