UB40 makes me happy.

And cucumbers in vinegar with pepper and salt.

A cold glass of milk after a long run.

Emmy and Ganny purring.

Dancing, music, laughing, drinking beer. Who doesn’t like those things?

On the radio today, a sport station, the guys were talking about 80s music and how it was fun and meaningless and wonderful, “like college football” they said. I thought to myself, I love both of those things. Then I thought, well what’s wrong with that, they’re both loveable and having a good time in life, having fun is really tremendously important, and I think a lot of times people forget about that.

I read some great quotes today by, of all people, James Taylor, Bela Lugosi, and Garrison Keillor. I was searching for quotes for my board at work, and I think it’s interesting to find what people have had to say. Oddly enough James Taylor and Bela Lugosi were both addicted to narcotics for decades at a time. I tend to doubt the same is true about Garrison Keillor, but who can say?

Yesterday was Ganny’s first birthday. Happy birthday, Ganny. He loves to destroy mini blinds, chase after Emma Sue, snuggle, and eat his food ravenously. Quite an independent personality, that one. He is like a big strong, white male unicorn in the body of a little white house cat. He has a bit of magick in him, that anyone can tell.

101.5 is a good radio station, that and 93.3, I think.

Food guide in Westword this week is cool, it interviews a bunch of local chefs from the good restaurants around town and asks them where they like to eat, where do they take friends who come to Denver from out of town. So many spots I haven’t been to. I love Denver for it’s expanse of wonderful places and opportunities to explore, but it remains manageable. It’s not like Chicago or New York, where I’d feel like I had to live there for a decade to really know it. I feel like Denver is my home, and it doesn’t scare me, doesn’t intimidate. It says, “Hey, come out and play, look at all my fun stuff!”